Open Letter on the £120M (~49%) shortfall in UKRI ODA funding for 2021-2022.

An Open Letter sent to Rishi Sunak MP and Dominic Raab MP sent on 18th March 2021 on the recent cuts to UKRI ODA funding

Government ODA cuts to UK research funding: a threat to the  sustainability and credibility of UK research leadership on global challenges

The global pandemic has pointed to the fundamental role that inequalities and poverty have to play in amplifying negative outcomes from external shocks such as epidemics, resource shortage, hazardous events or conflict.  No longer can we afford to tackle any one problem in isolation: our sustainable global future relies on international solutions to the complex challenges enshrined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Allocating Official Development Assistance (ODA) funds to UK Research and Innovation has allowed the UK to to play a major role in tackling these global challenges. 

Before the UK Government launched its Integrated Review, many competitively funded research projects were stymied by a £120M gap in their funding, created by Government. These projects were tackling these problems, across the world. Appalled by these ferocious cuts, thousands of researchers have signed two open letters demanding an immediate reversal before trust is broken, progress is stalled and early research careers placed on hold.

Ensuring a Global Britain compels this funding to be restored and sustained at the level consistent with being a force for good.


Signatories from


UK Universities and


UK and Global Organisations

Global Health Letter

Colleagues from the Global Health field have also created a similar letter. Follow the link here to view that too.

Want to sign?

We still have an active document and form and you are welcome to sign.

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